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With knowledge, control, balance and agility to manage a sequence of moves from beginning to end, a street dancer knows exactly how to achieve a flawless performance. Software-Defined WAN (SD-WAN) gives you that same knowledge and control over your network performance.

In highly competitive market conditions, the intelligent routing of data balanced across different transport modes means you can increase business agility with the added benefits of reducing cost and complexity within your network infrastructure.

Axians and Silver Peak invite you to discover how quickly and simply you can plan and build your own SD-WAN by joining us for lunch at an informative pop up event on Wednesday 26th September from 12:30 -14:30 in Moorgate, London.

and empower your network architecture with Axians and Silver Peak SD-WAN.

We’re not just talking about it!

In addition to all the SD-WAN press coverage we’ve had, Axians and Silver Peak have already designed and deployed SD-WAN environments for large Global organisations, one of which included the full migration of existing services across 60 sites throughout the UK and Europe. Find out more at the SD-WAN pop up event!

Axians and Silver Peak SD-WAN Event




26th September 2018 | 12.30 - 14:30


We Work, Silver Peak, 1 Fore St Avenue,
Moorgate, London EC2Y 9DT

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If you want to speak to someone about the event, or to discuss Axians and Silver Peak SD-WAN, please complete the form below and Nick Wilkins, Enterprise Account Manager, will be in touch: