We help universities build
networks that improve the
learing experience for

Attract the best lecturers and researchers

Universities operate in a highly competitive global market and each institution is focused on ensuring it can offer an educational and life enhancing experience to students. Equally, top people are always looking to develop new ideas and their research is valuable.

In an age of digital transformation, students and researchers see themselves as customers of the university and expect the same level of service and support that they receive from other providers. Delivering reliable, efficient and secure connectivity is essential. If the experience is poor, negative comments can quickly appear on social media.

We work with our university customers to ensure their infrastructure can securely manage the ever increasing growth in data traffic. In addition, we plan, build and manage networks with the capability to deliver services that meet the specific needs of students, researchers and corporate clients.

We help organisations develop secure, carrier-grade network connectivity that successfully delivers a better end-user experience.

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Axians use their skills, knowledge and experience to enhance the ambitions of a Service Providers Network with the highest level of experienced Prince 2 Qualified Project Managers, Technical Consultants and Pre-Sales Analysts to help companies across multiple platforms, locations and protocols.

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