Chapter 1: The battle against cyber security threats

In our connected world it’s the dark corners of the network where harmful security monsters live, unseen, unchallenged but ever ready to attack the vulnerabilities of business. Without strong defences in place, security monsters can go undetected and cause irreparable damage to profitability, market share and destroy the loyalty of the people who use your systems.

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The legends of greek mythology have taught us, through the battles between gods and monsters, that with the right provisions and tools, good can defeat evil. With increasing threats invading your digital world you too will want the latest solutions and services to equip you with the right tools to defeat them.

Axians have studied three major security monster threats - DDoS, ransomware and data theft. In this chapter we introduce the bison, reptiles and demons that represent these cyber threats. So the question is ‘how can we defend ourselves’ from these threats?

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Battling Network Security Threats isn't fun. But play our game with the gods on your side and win the legendary battle to defeat your network security monsters.

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so, how can you defend yourself from these threats?

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The data demon

  • Spying and stealing your data
  • Accessing your business
  • Eating away at your operations

In a world filling with Data Demons, Data protection must form an integral part of the architecture of every organisation. Businesses need to know when a device has been infected, and isolate the problem before is spreads its wings. With more and more attacks coming in from different angles, you need a strong security ecosystem to react as quickly and seamlessly as possible.

Wreaking havoc on your systems and operations, causing huge operational damage and chipping away at your brand reputation, these well organised creatures have the power to shut down your entire business, clawing through data and taking rich pickings.

The Iron Knight

Jamven Taletreader
  • Real-time protection
  • Extra Layers of defence
  • Direct detection

Some organisations will already be considering a robust security posture to protect their data against network breaches. The benefit of an automated response means that your network can fight more than one demon at a time, bringing together a more coherent and powerful protection.

All organisations need to balance the level security and continually assess the network for vulnerabilities. Applying additional layers of armour, and using automated defence tools you’ll be able to protect the network in real-time and shield you brand reputation from harm.

Vendor Tools
– Juniper Networks Sky ATP
– Flowmon Detection

Find out how you can protect yourself from these threats

The Ransom Reptile

  • Malicious Ransomware
  • Damages, deletes and blocks information
  • Infects your systems

If not secured, devices can be open doors for malicious organisations or individuals to gain access to your business. Attacks like phishing emails can easily go undetected, especially as they become more sophisticated, often with new strains of deception being deployed.

Hiding in the shadows and surreptitiously gaining access through your weakened defences, a ransomware or malware monster will block, delete and infect devices. Its multi-tentacled attack searches for vulnerabilities, hijacking one or a number of devices for ultimate control.

The Fist of Fire

Daveak Goblinsfoe
  • Direct detection
  • Eradicates infections
  • Isolation and mitigation

Security Professionals never stop learning about the dangers, risk and vulnerabilities that are constantly evolving. And businesses shouldn’t either. To keep ahead, tools used to discover and isolate these attacks have to get smarter and be able to scale. To effectively enable a network to fight alongside you, it needs to be armed with purpose-built machine learning software, gaining intelligence to evade, detect and tame attacks.

Focusing on new and recognised practices, network security experts will help a business enhance threat detection and defences, before a small attack becomes a disaster.

Vendor Tools
– Juniper Networks Sky ATP
– Flowmon Detection

Find out how you can protect yourself from these threats

The Bison

  • Eats and blocks bandwidth
  • Distracts you from other attacks
  • Co-ordinated attack capability

Blocking your bandwidth path, and making trouble, the DDoS Bison, Drisddos likes to consume capacity and distract you while other monsters sneak into the network.

These attacks can come in many forms, and the bison may appear as a targeted, low attack or with a full herd. All to cause disruption, breaking connections and eating your data power.

The Scout

Aluvial Urthadar
  • Detecting their network movements
  • Maintaining the path
  • Multiple path Mitigation

The power to protect the multiple paths to your network is complex. But Aluvial Urthadar, The Scout uses tools to profile the routes for anything out of the ordinary, to put defences in place. With a combination of cloak, rope and shield she can stop the monsters’ access, and send them away so that the right traffic is moving forward and the path is not disrupted.

Vendor Tools
– Verisign DDoS Mitigation
– Juniper SDSN

Find out how you can protect yourself from these threats

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