London School of Economics (LSE), choose Axians to help build its brand and attract the highest calibre of researchers
An innovative solution to secure data transfer between
campus and off-site data centres


London, England

Research and Education

Ensure secure connectivity and data transmission between campus and off-site data centres

Axians delivered a secure and resilient solution that is supporting LSE on its strategic journey to offering even better IT services that will attract the highest calibre researchers and students from around the world.


  • LSE enhances its capability to support researchers needing strong IT to progress their work
  • The network is an asset that facilitates high quality data driven research
  • Staff, students and researchers feel confident in data security
  • More agile IT environment able to meet rapidly changing end-user demand


Enhanced Capability

  • Robust, flexible network that supports automation, management and orchestration
  • Low latency and high speed connectivity
  • Supports 200+ applications used across timetable scheduling, student services and finance systems

Increased Security

  • Compliance with complex business continuity and disaster recovery requirements
  • End-to-end encrypted data traffic is secure between campus and off-site data centres

Building Future Capability

  • Reliable, scalable future-proof network
  • Platform for taking the next steps to SDN/NFV technologies
Layering protocols to create a “Protocol Hamburger” to create a high speed, low latency solution. This consisted of using a Data Centre Interconnect (EVPN) over an encapsulated (GRE) and encrypted (IPSec) tunnel, for privacy, using IPv6. High speed connections (10Gb Janet connections) between campus and data centre. Resilient components and Juniper Network Systems
We can’t know what our academies will need from the IT infrastrucutre in a few years’ time so we built a future-proof network from day one. The solution anticipates future capacity, topologies and technologies like SDN, because we believe we can do more or less anything we need to on the Juniper equipment
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