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Automation and industrial control systems

Ensuring optimal cybersecurity to maximise safety, uptime and efficiency in operational technology environments

Securing OT to safeguard people, the environment and operations

The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and smart monitoring devices have brought about a revolution in the management, productivity, and service quality within automation and industrial control system (ICS) environments. However, these technological advances have also made these operational environments more vulnerable to cyber-attacks. And with Operational Technology (OT) and IT networks also converging, air gapping OT networks is no longer a defence option. 

As this threat landscape continues to evolve, operators of automation and ICS are under growing pressure to protect their systems from unauthorised access, manipulation, and disruption. So having an expert cybersecurity partner by your side, in the UK, with an OT-first approach, can be invaluable. 

OT cybersecurity expertise by your side

We understand that organisations are facing various networking and security challenges while adopting new and transformative OT. Especially technologies that concern safety, continuity and reputation. 

We combine decades of IT and OT cybersecurity experience, and deliver defence in depth to bridge operators’ OT cybersecurity skills gaps. Our applicable experience helps you effectively navigate the numerous pitfalls related to OT security, ensuring the safeguarding of your organisation, critical systems, and sensitive information. Our automation and ICS experience includes Oil & Gas, Critical National Infrastructure (CNI) like utilities and energy, manufacturing (food & beverage and pharmaceuticals) and transportation and logistics. 

Supporting OT cybersecurity governance, compliance and resilience

A critical security cornerstone and business enabler, OT cybersecurity governance and compliance can proactively mitigate cyber-attacks, ensuring the availability, integrity and confidentiality of critical systems, processes, and data. It can also safeguard people and the environment.  

As an extension of your team, our experienced consultants can take you through the full lifecycle of cybersecurity maturity, improve your cyber resilience and meet many OT cybersecurity standards along the way, including the NIS 2 directive, IEC 62443 and OG86. 

OT challenges in automation and ICS

  • Cybersecurity threats that compromise operational continuity
  • Aging infrastructure, legacy OT systems and outdated security protocols
  • Internet connectivity increasing the cyber-attack surface
  • Identifying and protecting all assets in your OT estate
  • Ensuring the safety of people and the environment
  • Meeting compliance and regulations
  • Physical threats such as tampering, theft and destruction
Axians Support Team Here To Help

A trusted partner to bring you peace of mind

Trusted by small, medium and large organisations alike to deliver robust and reliable networking and cybersecurity solutions, we build lasting partnerships by putting you at the centre of everything we do. 

We apply our deep expertise and experience across a wide range of specialisms to support your organisation’s outcomes.

Seen as a ‘safe pair of hands’ by vendors and combined with our agile and customer-first approach, you can trust us to give you peace of mind too.

Actemium And Axians Part Of Vinci Energies UK

Combing decades of IT and OT cybersecurity expertise

Working alongside our fellow subsidiary – Actemium UK, our expertise bridges operators’ OT cybersecurity skills gaps. This makes us uniquely placed to help you navigate the many OT security pitfalls and protect your organisation, critical systems and sensitive information from
cyber attacks.

As a top tier COMAH site, Cyber Security is an integral part of our Safety Management System to ensure everything operates safely and is protected.

Axians and Actemium have been contracted to improve our IACS Cyber Security Protective measures not only to protect the asset but to ensure the asset is legally compliant.

The engineers that have been implementing the improvements have had great knowledge and are passionate about their job role. They ensure that our IACS system hardware and software applications are up to date and gaps are identified and closed.

Due to the willingness to assist us on this major project, the engineers involved, although contracted, are almost considered as members of our staff.

A large oil and gas storage facility in the UK

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