Networking and Cybersecurity Solutions for the Hospitality Sector

Ensuring advanced networking and cybersecurity underpins exceptional guest experiences in the hospitality sector

Providing secure, seamless IT solutions anytime, anywhere across the hospitality sector

In today’s competitive landscape, hotels, resorts, sports stadia, and concert venues must provide more than just good entertainment, comfort and security.

Nowadays guests seek a home-from-home experience, and we understand that IT systems can be fundamental to your service excellence differentiator.

Whether your guests are streaming their favourite shows, catching up on work, video-calling colleagues, friends or family, or simply accessing the exclusive amenities you have on offer, our UK-based team of experts are here to help you.

According to the UK Government’s Cybersecurity Breaches Survey 2024, 74% of larger businesses identified breaches or attacks in the last 12 months. However only 22% of the hospitality sector have board members assigned to take responsibility for cybersecurity. A lack of knowledge, training and time are cited as issues that prevent boards from engaging more in cybersecurity.

If you manage a global resort chain or a sports, concert or festival venue with media centres for international audiences, we can take care of your network and cybersecurity complexities, allowing you to focus on what matters most: delivering exceptional experiences to your guests.


Empowering hospitality excellence with seamless network connectivity

With ever-increasing technological complexity, explosive growth of Bring-Your-Own Devices, and guest analytics, our experts unlock powerful digital networks, automation and AI capabilities. We have experience in designing, delivering and managing trusted, reliable and scalable IT solutions, locally, nationally and internationally.

By integrating with building management platforms, this can support proactive resource management, including optimising energy usage and identifying location hot spots. In addition, by integrating with security systems and access controls can also enhance protection for guests, including supporting your Martyn’s Law compliance.

For further peace of mind and cost efficiency we can manage your networks for you. Our dedicated, UK-based team provides 24x7x365 expertise to ensure proactive network optimisation, seamless connectivity, and efficient issue resolution.

Trust our team to ensure your network operates at its best, allowing you to focus on your core business operations, and delighting your guests wherever they are.

Protecting your guests, your profitability and your reputation

With the growth of online and contactless bookings and payment, many organisations are struggling to keep pace with growing security needs. This is leaving these platforms vulnerable to attack, making them increasingly targeted by cybercriminals.

Cybersecurity can play a crucial role in safeguarding both the hospitality provider and their guests. Cybersecurity that’s well integrated can prevent financial loss, minimise disruptions and maintain brand reputation. Robust cybersecurity also ensures that guests can be confident that their sensitive data like personal information, payment details, and purchasing history is secure.

Our UK-based cybersecurity experts understand the importance of protecting organisations and their customers, and have a proven track record in delivering bespoke cybersecurity solutions to large enterprise businesses.

We work 24x7x365 to safeguard organisations from cyber-attacks, disruptions, financial loss and reputational damage. We provide defence in depth, bridging cybersecurity skill gaps, and can deliver and manage solutions, tailored to your unique challenges.

Elevating secure, resilient, and dependable networks for accommodation and entertainment guests



Networking and cybersecurity challenges for the hospitality sector:

  • Efficiency: From online check-ins to room service requests, our network ensures smooth operations, enhancing guest satisfaction
  • Security: Protecting guest data and privacy is non-negotiable. We can help safeguard against cyber threats and breaches, and even support your Martyn’s Law compliance
  • Reliability: Guests expect uninterrupted connectivity. Our enterprise-grade networking solutions minimise downtime, ensuring a seamless experience
  • Scalability: As your estate, traffic or user base grows, our adaptable networking scales effortlessly to meet increasing demands
  • Optimising technical support: to maximise cost-effectiveness and efficiency
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