The evolution of OT security

Taking advantage of evolving digital technology, Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and smart monitoring devices, critical infrastructure and industries are benefitting from improved management, productivity and quality of service.

However, this has led to the cyber-attack surface increasing, with operational environments becoming more vulnerable against attacks, compromising security, safety, continuity and reputation. Making the need for smart  OT network and OT security solutions imperative.

Operational Technology security under pressure

As the pressure on technology support departments mounts, the scale and complexity of security challenges grow, and more and more Operational Technology (OT) assets connecting to the internet, it is becoming harder for organisations around the world to ensure their operational technology environments are secure.

Without the right industrial control systems or OT security architecture in place, compliance could be more reactive and onerous too.

Capitalising on OT security expertise

Axians UK is an experienced partner that can help you navigate the many OT network security pitfalls, protect your organisation, critical systems and sensitive information from digital attacks, and help you take even greater advantage of digital technologies.

And as part of the wider Vinci group, our network of over 200,000 colleagues means you can rely on our global OT network and security knowledge and local expertise that connect technology to business outcomes, and deliver revolutionary projects for ambitious organisations.

We offer a comprehensive service above and beyond simple industrial control systems security solutions that combines a team of security experts, vendor agnostic technology and best practice processes.

Our skilled engineers have experience across the prevention, detection, investigation and remediation of cyber-threats. They rapidly deal with fast-paced and rising attacks, keeping organisations’ OT security postures robust and up to date.

Discover more about the critical role of cybersecurity in safeguarding industrial control systems in the OT environment in our blog.


Vulnerability assessment identifies assets and ICS security gaps

Working with world-leading vendors we help protect against disruption to productivity, loss of data, lost revenue, and safeguard reputations.

As part of our security audit we’ll conduct a vulnerability assessment across your entire Industrial Control Systems (ICS) security network. The vulnerability assessment, which runs for 30 days, detects and distinguishes all OT security assets and assesses your ICS cyber-vulnerability. To bolster the security of your environment a report is also generated for your in-house experts to act on.

Peace of mind, 24x7x365

If your in-house experts are under-resourced or perhaps under-qualified, we can provide best-practice incident response plans and recommend, tailor and install optimum OT network security services and solutions.

We can also provide a fully managed cybersecurity service – giving you network security protection and peace of mind, 24x7x365.

Axians UK also offers MDR Services, giving organisations protection against the constantly rising threat of data loss and disruption from security breaches. Discover more about our MDR services.

Enhanced OT cybersecurity to protect your profitability and reputation

  • Establishing your specific security needs through expert-led services
  • Providing proactive, responsive and up-to-date protection for your organisation
  • Maintaining a robust, reliable and responsive security service
  • Safeguarding against loss of data, revenue and service
  • Providing a holistic view of your organisation’s OT security, and individual assets
  • Leveraging compliance to strengthen your security posture, ensuring your industrial control systems security is more robust.

If you’d you like to have a no obligation chat about protecting your operation, or having a vulnerability assessment, get in touch today.