Firewall Managed Service

Firewall as a Service – Tailored support to protect against the risk and complexity of Cyber Security threats

Proactive Firewall Monitoring Services

Your firewall is a critical component in your defence against the increasing risk and complexity of cybercrime. Ensuring your Firewall is pro-actively monitored and managed with packages such as firewall as a service has becomes increasingly important.

As your resources focus on critical new and large projects the daily administration tasks tend to take a secondary or non-existent priority and only gains attention during a failure or breach. Increasing compliance and regulation means daily monitoring and management of your Cyber Defence is a good thing to do.

  • Trusted Partnership

    Axians works as an extension of your team, partnering with them to understand your business’s unique requirements and help them make you more cyber-resilient

  • Free Your Team

    We take care of the time-intensive daily administration, monitoring and management tasks so your team can focus on your organisation’s productivity

  • Total Peace of Mind

    Our team of cybersecurity experts protect your entire infrastructure, from our firewall managed service to network management, with proactive threat detection, preventing attacks before they happen

Monitoring & Support

  • Proactive monitoring of firewalls – Monitoring device health using CPU, Memory, bandwidth metrics and more including monthly reporting
  • Managed firmware upgrades – Upgrading the firewall to the latest stable version available to mitigate against security vulnerabilities
  • Telephone and Remote Support – Expert assistance to discuss any concerns regarding the firewall
  • Log collection and retention – Logging traffic and security event information to analyse in the event of a breach and ensure compliance
  • Daily Configuration backups – Daily configuration backups with a 7 day retention period
  • Managed configuration changes – Management of firewall configuration changes

Configuration and Restoration

  • Configuration backups
  • Advice on latest firmware updates and upgrades
  • Appliance reconfiguration after a hardware failure replacement
  • Minor support and guidance on configuration changes

Annual Health Checks

Whether you are signed up to a firewall as  a service or not, we recommend a firewall healthcheck on an annual basis. Business drivers such as a major change in the business, a merger, on-boarding new web applications, or a change of technical administration staff are also good reasons to undertake a healthcheck.

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