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Providing new opportunities for learning, discovery and innovation

Boosting innovation, productivity and user experience in universities across the UK

Modernised campuses are leveraging powerful functionality, enabling users to connect effortlessly across multiple sites, across multiple devices, anytime. These ‘smart campuses’ are also magnifying the impact and effectiveness of universities and research institutes, providing new opportunities for learning, discovery and innovation. However, the rapid expansion of devices and network access pose a significant cybersecurity challenge, which cybercriminals have been exploiting.

Delivering a better experience with fast, reliable and connected ‘intelligent campuses’

We’ve been supporting universities and research institutes in leveraging transformative networks, expanding their global reach and enhance user experience. In an environment of ever-increasing technological complexity and explosive growth of bring-your-own devices, our experts unlock powerful digital networks, automation and AI capabilities. We optimise connectivity, ease pressure on the IT network and support teams, and support intelligent business decisions. Creating these ‘intelligent campuses’ help meet user expectations for fast, reliable, and always-on connections, ultimately ensuring students, researchers and institutes remain competitive, now and in the future. And by integrating with building management platforms, this can support proactive resource management, including optimising energy usage, identifying location hot-spots, and exploring new revenue streams such as renting out unused spaces. Integrating with campus security systems too can also enhance protection for campus users.



Assets need protection. Assets include computing hardware and software, as well as information, intellectual property, and the reputations of individuals and institutions. However, many organisations are struggling to keep pace with growing security needs, leaving them vulnerable to attack.

According to the UK Government’s Cyber Security Breaches Survey 2024  education institutions annex, more than 86% of further education colleges and 97% of higher education institutions identified a breach or attack in the last 12 months (which is significantly higher than the 50% of businesses surveyed).

Our cybersecurity experts understand the importance of protecting your assets and have been delivering robust and reliable cybersecurity for decades. We improve cyber resilience and safeguard against loss of intellectual property, credibility and reputation, allowing users to concentrate on delivering their best work.

Ensuring your networks are delivering reliable, trusted and easy-to-use connectivity that is fit for the future.

IT Challenges for Research and Education

  • Delivering outstanding user experience anywhere across the network estate
  • Scalability and flexibility to adapt to dynamic campus network demands
  • Growing cyber-security threats posing a risk to productivity and reputation
  • Increase in network pressure coming from increases in applications and devices per person
  • Future proofing to keep up with evolving, transformative technology
Axians Support Team Here To Help

A trusted partner to bring you peace of mind

Working with universities across the UK, we deliver robust and reliable carrier-grade network connectivity and cybersecurity solutions that are tailored to meet unique needs.

We apply our deep expertise and experience across a wide range of specialisms to support your organisation’s outcomes.

Seen as a ‘safe pair of hands’ by vendors and combined with our agile and customer-first approach, you can trust us to give you a peace of mind too.

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