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Networking and Cybersecurity in Financial Services

Ensuring the Financial Services industry can be counted on anytime, anywhere with advanced networking and cybersecurity solutions.

Elevating secure, resilient and dependable networks across Financial Services

In the dynamic and competitive landscape of financial services where customers and clients demand seamless and secure transactions, we understand the importance of having network infrastructure that can be trusted.

Whether engaging in online banking, utilising in-person services, or exploring investment options, the efficiency, security and reliability of your infrastructure plays a pivotal role in retaining trust and business.

Our UK-based team of experts are here to support your business continuity, and ensure an exceptional user experience that you can bank on with our NaaS solution.

Financial Services organisations that count on us, whether directly or through Service Providers, include local, national and global enterprises with thousands of branches, and range from retail, commercial, investment and wholesale banking, insurance and wealth management.


Reliable, proactive networking for uninterrupted service and peace of mind

In the continuous world of financial services, downtime is not an option. Our end-to-end enterprise networking solutions provide dependable and adaptable foundations to improve payment processing, reduce fraud, and enhance the overall efficiency of financial transactions. With a focus on scalability and trustworthiness, we enable you to stay competitive and deliver the level of service your clients expect.

You can leave the complexities of network management to our managed services too. Our dedicated, UK-based team provides 24x7x365 expertise to ensure proactive network optimisation, seamless connectivity, and efficient issue resolution. This allows you to focus on your core business operations and confidently serve your users, wherever they are.


Protecting assets

In an era of heightened cybersecurity threats, where particularly financial institutions are prime targets for cybercriminals, protecting assets is of paramount importance. Assets include your clients’ investments and their sensitive data, as well as your infrastructure and reputation.

Our UK-based experts have a proven track record in crafting bespoke cybersecurity solutions to large enterprise business. We work 24x7x365 to safeguard financial institutions from cyber-attacks, disruptions, financial loss and reputational damage.

And while leveraging the transformative benefits of digitalisation, including mobile banking and connectivity, cloud computing and AI, at the same time our experts are in the vanguard keeping cyber-attacks and vulnerabilities in check. We provide defence in depth, bridging cybersecurity skill gaps, and can deliver and manage solutions, tailored to your unique challenges.

Our expertise also extends to helping you stay compliant with evolving cybersecurity and data protection regulations, robust cybersecurity incident response plans, and regular risk assessments and compliance audits as critical components of an effective cybersecurity strategy. If you are interested in a risk assessment contact one of the team today!

Bank on us to deliver secure, efficient and seamless experiences to your greatest assets – your customers, clients and colleagues


Networking and Cybersecurity Challenges for Financial Services

  • Sophisticated cyber threats and ransomware attacks jeopardising customer assets, business continuity and reputation
  • Mobile and remote access for both customers and colleagues is challenging the security and integrity of networks
  • Data protection and compliance – navigating complex regulations to maintain customer trust and avoid fines
  • Adoption of cloud services – proper configuration and management of cloud resources are essential
  • Third-party risks – ensuring the security of third-party vendors and service providers is crucial to prevent network vulnerabilities
  • Integration of emerging technologies like blockchain, AI, and IoT introduces new security challenges that require careful consideration
  • Cybersecurity talent gap – finding and retaining qualified individuals to manage cybersecurity programs effectively is a pervasive issue
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We apply our deep expertise and experience across a wide range of specialisms to support your organisation’s outcomes.

Seen as a ‘safe pair of hands’ by vendors and combined with our agile and customer-first approach, you can trust us to give you peace of mind too.

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