Transportation and Logistics

Helping consignments, passengers and information get safely to the right place, at the right time

Enhancing operational efficiency and security across supply chain and travel

In the relentless world of transportation and logistics, we understand the vital role that dependable, adaptable, and secure network infrastructure plays in ensuring seamless operations – particularly as service can be a key differentiator.

Whether orchestrating complex supply chains, managing freight operations, optimising delivery logistics or getting the right luggage and passengers on the right plane, the efficiency, dependability and security of your network infrastructure is pivotal in meeting high demands of your colleagues, partners and customers.

Irrespective of the scale or intricacy of your operations, any disruptions in tracking shipments, processing orders or coordinating logistics can have profound consequences.

Transformative networks for travel and logistics excellence

In an environment of ever-increasing technological complexity and converging IT and ‘industrial’ OT (Operational Technology), our experts bring a wealth of experience, delivering fast, reliable, and always-on networks, locally and globally.

Whether working with digital logistics platforms, warehouse management systems, passenger flow management, time-sensitive, or temperature-sensitive cargo, IoT, and blockchain, our teams unlock powerful connectivity, automation, and AI capabilities. Transformative networks enhance operational efficiency, elevate overall productivity, support intelligent decision-making, and meet user expectations, whether they’re colleagues, freight forwarders, consignees, customs officials, or passengers.

Our customers include both national and international organisations, comprising multi-modal logistics operators, fuel distributors, cold warehousing, rail passenger and freight operators and international airlines.

We also work with our fellow subsidiary – Vinci Airports – the world’s leading private airport operator who operates over 70 airports worldwide. This includes London Gatwick Airport, which is an experimental hub for new technologies too.


Safeguarding logistics from disruptions and data breaches with seamless cybersecurity

Driving greater productivity, interconnected logistics systems are leveraging IoT devices, automation, AI, and mobile connectivity. However, expanding the networks raises the risk of cyber-attacks. And with data crossing IT and OT environments, air gapping OT networks is no longer viable, so robust, seamless cybersecurity encompassing both IT and OT environments is essential.

Well-integrated cybersecurity fortifies your operations against disruptions, prevents financial loss, and ensures regulatory compliance. From safeguarding customer data to enhancing supply chain security, we can deliver and even manage solutions, tailored to your unique challenges.

Decades of expertise lets us tackle networking and security challenges amid transformative tech adoption. Be it safety, continuity, or reputation, we provide defence in depth and bridge cybersecurity skill gaps.

Trust us to navigate cybersecurity intricacies in a protected, seamless digital environment across IT and OT, safeguarding your organisation, critical systems, and sensitive information.

Making networks work: Enhancing operational efficiency and security in Transportation and Logistics


For Transportation and Logistics

  • Escalating network complexity, including interconnected logistics systems can create points of vulnerability, risking disruptions and delays
  • Growing cybersecurity threats which jeopardises data protection, business continuity and reputation
  • Delivering outstanding user experience anywhere across the network
  • Secure mobile connectivity, ensuring IoT devices in fleets, autonomous vehicles and mobile devices are not compromised
  • Meeting regulations to ensure integrity and compliance, and avoid penalties
  • Operational Technology (OT) and IT networks converging, exponentially increasing the cyber-attack surface
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