What is FortiGate Firewall?

What is FortiGate Firewall?

Cybersecurity has become paramount as organisations face an ever-growing array of threats. FortiGate firewall technology stands out by providing robust network security measures for modern-day challenges. If you’re an IT professional, network administrator, cybersecurity expert, or simply looking to beef up your knowledge of firewall technology, understanding FortiGate’s capabilities can be a game-changer for your security infrastructure.

Ever wondered how firewall technology can offer powerful protection against the most sophisticated cyber threats?


What is a Firewall?

A firewall acts as a guard against harmful traffic, protecting your data and preventing unauthorized access. Whether it’s through hardware, software, or a combination of both, a firewall should be at the core of your network, determining which traffic to let in and which to keep out.


What is Fortinet FortiGate Firewall?

FortiGate, a next-generation firewall from IT Cyber Security leaders Fortinet, provides top-tier threat protection for businesses of all sizes. Utilising purpose-built security processors and threat intelligence from FortiGuard, FortiGate firewalls deliver unmatched performance and protection while simplifying your network management.

Fortinet offers FortiGate firewall models to satisfy any deployment requirement, from the entry-level FortiGate-20 series for small offices to the FortiGate-1500 series for large enterprises.

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How Does FortiGate Firewall Work?

Fortinet’s FortiGate Firewall employs a multi-faceted approach to securing your network, utilising both basic and advanced techniques to provide comprehensive frontline protection against unwanted data and security threats.


Deep packet inspection (DPI) is one of the core technologies behind FortiGate. This method allows the firewall to analyse and filter network traffic, differentiating between benign and malicious data. DPI provides a multi-layered defence that ensures harmful content is stopped before it can cause any damage.

With machine learning to detect anomalies and potential threats, algorithms can proactively identify and flag unusual patterns in network traffic, identifying threats before they can fully materialise.

FortiGate firewall protection also features security fabric integration, enabling the solution to communicate with other Fortinet products. The interconnectedness allows various security components to share information and coordinate responses to threats, ensuring that no part of the network is left unprotected.

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Key Features of FortiGate Firewall

FortiGate’s features set it apart as a leading firewall technology that provides an unparalleled level of protection. Let’s delve deeper into its standout capabilities.

  • Advanced Threat Protection: Offers web filtering, antivirus, and application control to defend against threats such as malware and social engineering. This kind of granular control ensures that your network stays safe while maintaining optimal performance.
  • Automated Risk Evaluation: Features automated workflows and auditing to ease the burden on IT departments.
  • Certified Continuous Threat Intelligence: Ensures defense against both known and unknown threats.
  • Comprehensive Security Management: Enables management of security assets from any location.
  • Critical Application Safeguarding: Provides highly scalable segmentation and ultra-low latency to secure network segments.
  • Integrated Security Fabric: Shares threat information across the entire IT infrastructure for rapid and automated protection.
  • Security Benchmarks: Implements best-practice security measures with ratings provided by FortiGate.

Why Choose FortiGate Firewall?

IT security threats are constantly evolving, and your business needs to evolve with them!

As business environments become more connected, one breach could create serious consequences. A FortiGate firewall provides peace of mind that your business is protected from the latest threats.

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Use Cases of Next-Generation Firewall (NGFW)

Next-Generation Firewalls (NGFWs) like FortiGate satisfy various organisational needs across different sectors. Here are some use cases that illustrate its versatility.

  • Financial: Financial institutions deploy NGFWs to guard against sophisticated cyber threats. With attackers often targeting financial data, a robust security solution is crucial. FortiGate’s advanced threat protection and real-time threat intelligence are pivotal in securing these vital networks.
  • Healthcare: In healthcare, protecting patient data while ensuring compliance with regulations like HIPAA is paramount. NGFWs like FortiGate offer the ultimate threat protection necessary to safeguard sensitive medical information, and maintain compliance healthcare data protection laws.
  • Education: Educational institutions face unique challenges, such as securing multiple access points and managing network traffic from diverse devices. FortiGate’s advanced filtering and inspection capabilities ensure that both students and faculty benefit from a secure online environment.
  • Retail: Retail businesses benefit enormously from NGFWs in protecting transactional data. With online shopping and card transactions, ensuring transactional data security is critical. FortiGate’s real-time threat detection helps protect against data breaches, safeguarding customer information and business operations.
  • Government: Government agencies also rely on NGFWs to secure national-critical infrastructure. These agencies must protect data that could impact national security, making trustworthy and comprehensive security measures essential. FortiGate’s robust features meet these requirements, providing the level of security necessary for such sensitive operations.

FortiGate SD-WAN 

 FortiGate SD-WAN combines next-generation firewall capabilities with software-defined wide-area networking. This integration optimizes network performance while ensuring robust security, making it an ideal solution for businesses looking to enhance their WAN architecture.

FortiGate Firewall from Axians

As experts in IT security and a Fortinet Platinum Partner, we have extensive experience and a host of Fortinet accreditations, including NSE 4, 5, 6, 7, and the highly coveted NSE 8.

Our managed IT security service includes assessing your network for weaknesses, designing, configuring, supporting, and proactively monitoring your network. We oversee firewall management, compliance, email security, endpoint protection, and SIEM, constantly checking for potential threats and taking appropriate action to keep your network safe.

Given the complexities of modern cybersecurity, opting for a solution like FortiGate ensures that you’re not just reacting to threats but staying ahead of them. Contact the team to discover how we can help secure your network with Fortinet’s FortiGate Firewall today.

Given the complexities of modern cybersecurity, opting for a solution like FortiGate ensures that you’re not just reacting to threats but staying ahead of them. Contact the team to discover help secure your network with Fortinet’s FortiGate Firewall today.

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