As a key component of your business’ IT security, a firewall acts as a guard against harmful traffic, protecting your data and preventing unauthorised access.

Whether it’s through hardware, software, or a combination of both, a firewall such as the FortiGate firewall should be at the core of your network, determining which traffic you let into your network and which you keep out.

What is FortiGate Firewall?

FortiGate, a next-generation firewall from IT Cyber Security leaders Fortinet, provides the ultimate threat protection for businesses of all sizes. Utilising purpose-built security processors and threat intelligence from FortiGuard, a FortiGate firewall delivers unmatched performance and protection while simplifying your network.

Fortinet offers FortiGate firewalls models to satisfy any deployment requirement, from the entry-level FortiGate-20 series for small offices and retail networks to the FortiGate-1500 series for large enterprises. Find out more about our firewall security services here.

How Does FortiGate Firewall Work?

In short, a FortiGate firewall works by examining the data that flows in to your network and verifying if it is safe to pass through to your business.

Lower specification firewalls will typically examine this data by information such as its location and source. This information will then be evaluated against a set list of permissions to assess whether it can be allowed through.

A FortiGate firewall provides front line defence against security threats, however, as cyber criminals become more sophisticated, it becomes more challenging for just a firewall alone to defend against the myriad of cyber-security threats., which can be encrypted behind what appears to be a reliable source.

In 2019, Gartner estimate that 80% of traffic to your business will be encrypted, with 50% of attacks targeting businesses, such as yourselves, hidden in encrypted traffic.

With purpose-built security processors, working alongside top-of-the-line threat detection from FortiGuard, FortiGate firewalls provide advanced protection, even from encrypted traffic, for your business.

FortiGate Firewall Features

  • High-performance threat protection – such as web filtering, antivirus and application control ensures that your business is not harmed by cyber security threats such as Malware and Social Engineering.
  • Mission critical application protection – highly scalable segmentation and ultra-low latency to protect network segments.
  • Automated risk assessments – automated workflow and auditing features lifts the burden on IT department.
  • Security ratings – adopt ‘best practice’ security measures, with security ratings provided by FortiGate.
  • Independently certified and continuous threat intelligence – ensures you’re protected from known and unknown attacks.
  • Enterprise class security management – allows you to manage security assets regardless of location.
  • Security Fabric integration – share threats across the entire IT security infrastructure to provide quick and automated protection.

Why Choose FortiGate Firewall?

IT security threats are constantly evolving, and your business needs to evolve with them. As we move in to a business environment that is more connected than ever before, one breach could be enough to create serious consequences for your organisation.

A FortiGate firewall can provide you, and your business, with the peace of mind that your business is protected from the latest threats.

What Does FortiGate Firewall Protect Against?

 The next-generation FortiGate firewall can protect against a number of security threats. Including:

  • Malware
  • Spyware (Grayware)
  • Phishing / Social Engineering schemes
  • Pharming attacks
  • Instant messaging viruses
  • Peer-to-Peer networks
  • Blended network attacks
  • Email
  • Intrusions

FortiGate Firewall from Axians C&C

 We are experts in IT security and have been a Fortinet Platinum Partner for many years. Amongst our team of security professionals we hold a host of Fortinet accreditations, NSE 4, 5, 6, 7 and the much sought after NSE 8 (the highest technical accreditation you can achieve as a Fortinet partner).

Who is Fortinet?

Fortinet, Inc. is a cybersecurity company who develops and sells security solutions such as firewalls, endpoint security and intrusion detection systems. Fortinet focuses on securing your network with a unified SASE approach. Find out more about Fortinet Security Solutions here.


As a Fortinet Platinum level partner, we are fully-qualified to take care of your entire security infrastructure. Our managed IT security service includes assessing your entire network for weaknesses, before designing, configuring, supporting and proactively monitoring the integrity of your network. Our proactive managed IT security service oversees the management of your firewall, compliance, email security, endpoint protection and SIEM, constantly checking for potential threats and taking appropriate action to keep your network safe.

To learn more about the benefits of choosing a FortiGate firewall and all our Fortinet Solutions download our Fortinet Security Brochure here.