In today’s digital world, there are hidden threats lurking behind every digital corner—every email, link, website, and call demands our vigilance. Online scams and cyber criminals use deceptive strategies that can lead to financial loss and more serious consequences.

We share this as a cautionary tale for businesses and individuals alike, emphasising that scams have become more sophisticated. We experienced this firsthand after acquiring an IT services and infrastructure company.

Mark Lloyd, Business Unit Manager at Axians UK, reflects on the challenges we faced. Initially, we were unaware of any issues until people began contacting us, claiming they expected job offers or had applied but received no response. We were not hiring, yet the calls persisted. Our marketing manager launched an investigation and uncovered a disturbing trend. Applicants had submitted forms via email, unknowingly exposing sensitive information, including bank details and passport numbers.

Further investigation revealed a counterfeit website that closely resembled our own but included subtle alterations and used our company’s information, names, and images of our team. Efforts to identify the perpetrators using domain lookup tools and WHOIS databases were futile, with no responses from the listed contacts or emails.

The incident consumed significant resources from our marketing, commercial, and IT teams, eventually involving senior management. Despite reaching out to domain registrars and ISPs, finding a solution was challenging. Mark recalls, “We had to illustrate the fraudulent nature of the website to encourage victims to report it to the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO), providing evidence and statements. After four months, the site was taken down, but not without causing considerable disruption and reputational damage.”

In the realm of digital interactions, the need for vigilance is constant. From basic security monitoring to establishing a Security Operation Centre (SOC), Axians is equipped to support you. Our team, processes, and technology are all focused on continuously improving security, detecting and responding to threats, and safeguarding your data. Our services evolve with the threats, addressing negligence and criminal activities to enhance resilience.

Mark adds, “Since that incident, we’ve adopted a solution from Infoblox that enables faster response and minimises impact. Infoblox’s Domain Mitigation Service provides continuous monitoring with advanced algorithms to detect and alert us to threats like phishing, malware, and domain hijacking, offering actionable insights for effective mitigation.”

The service ensures proactive security, saving time and protecting reputations at a cost-effective rate, supporting compliance and providing 24/7 peace of mind for online asset security.

“Ransomware, phishing, and data attacks are daily threats,” concludes Mark. “Cybersecurity is now a crucial part of every organisation’s IT budget. In a rapidly evolving tech landscape, staying secure is paramount. Axians and Infoblox are dedicated to protecting businesses and individuals from harmful online activities.”

In this age of digital interaction, remember that threats are not limited to special occasions. The partnership between Axians and Infoblox operates year-round to protect you from the complexities of the digital world.

Mark Lloyd

Business Unit Manager at Axians UK