The underlying technology infrastructure for retail organisations is now more mission critical than ever in helping to deliver a more connected shopping experience, increasing online and offline consumer engagement, whilst revealing better insights.

Yet, the explosion of devices, new technology, connectivity and best practice to deploy a robust, secure and scalable network moves at lightning pace. Juniper and Axians have joined forces to deliver the very latest in retail technical innovations.

Recognised as ‘partner of the year’ by Juniper in 2021 and as a leader in secure, AI Driven Networks Axians UK offers a Network as a Service (NaaS), which underpins Juniper Mist AI capability and simplifies retail network operations by consuming services through a predictable OPEX cost model.

  • NaaS enables the deployment of a reliable and scalable network that ensures robust instore connectivity to deliver the best user experiences
  • It transform complexity into a simplified consumable service that focuses on nurturing and improving customer experience
  • Benefit from a utility-based model that allows the network to easily flex and scale to meet user consumption
  • Keep pace with network evolution, and retail innovation that supports personalised shopping experiences
  • Free-up internal IT resource and invest in skills that directly contribute to business objectives and outcomes
  • Eliminate skills limitations and improve employee experience
  • Transition towards an effective cost management programme with a predictive opex-based model

NaaS is a subscription-based, fixed cost network solution that is operated, owned and managed by Axians UK. For retail organisations with cloud-first strategies, Axians NaaS provides a stable and reliable network that seamlessly integrates cloud-based applications, supports diversified work structures and business growth.

Reliable, Scalable network services at the flick of a switch.

The Axians cloud-managed NaaS solution, underpins Juniper MIST AI to provide retailers with a scalable way to support, maintain, expand, and secure the network with cloud integration, security, switching, Wi-Fi, management, monitoring, and auto VPN.

‘Network as a Service’ from Axians, in partnership with Juniper fundamentally changes the way retail organisations think about the acquisition and consumption of network connectivity and services.

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