Accelerate the capabilities of your business through next generation networking

Accelerate the capabilities of your business through next generation networking

Demystifying the hype of SD-Wan

The importance of accurately predicating the impact of application changes to the network, the flexibility to accommodate change and avoiding customer complaints due to slow performance are just three of the potential challenges Network Managers face. With the trend of SD-WAN adoption expected to accelerate over the next few years, there are questions across organisations as to how this technology is expected to improve visibility and performance and what steps need to be made to demystify and take hold of the benefits and cost savings of this next generation networking technology.

Whether you are a Communication Service Provider looking for agile new service offering or an Enterprise looking for additional agility and visibility, Axians are involved across a varying level starting with assessments and consultancies to help our customers on their SD-Wan project, assisting with service creation and definition and on how best to integrate their own services with this new technology.

All offer opportunities to, improve operational efficiency, enhance interaction with customers and stakeholders and cut costs. Many processes can be automated to cut costs and the risk of human error; enhancing security reduces risk; greater functionality can aid the launch of new services and self-service portals help customers feel in control.

The Axians approach is to start by understanding the aims of each customer organisation and to help ensure that the network is an asset aligned to achieving its objectives. We then use our expertise in planning, building and managing carrier-grade networks to enable the delivery of a consistent, high quality customer experience that supports the brand and drives profitability.


Transform: How the network supports new and evolved applications, helping develop your own services
Optimise: Tune the network so that individual applications are handled in the most efficient ways, reducing potential issues with poor network perception
Predict: Accurately predict and model the impact that the introduction of new applications or the evolution of an existing one will have on the network ahead of its introduction
Flexibility: Greater scalability and agility as your business evolves its digital strategy


Speed: Deliver the same grade of connectivity with a lower cost
Variety: Ability to support hardware options for multiple different access technologies
Reduce Opex: Simplified management and reduction of configuration complexity


Visibility: See what applications are using the network and how they performing
Improved Control: Increased availability and utilisation of the network through the use of multiple different access technologies

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We have a full SD-WAN Proof of Concept/ Demo Lab which is accessible remotely and can be accessed from customer’s premises