In recent years, as the COVID-19 pandemic unfolded, hackers eagerly adopted ransomware as their go-to attack technique to profit from data breaches. In the last year alone, there has been a 20% increase in data breaches, despite efforts to bolster cybersecurity. Hackers continue to steal personal data, affecting organisations, individuals, and even entire regions. Globally, the number of victims doubled in 2023 compared to the previous year. Cloud misconfiguration, new ransomware tactics, and increased exploitation of vendor systems contribute to this alarming trend. While these data breaches escalate, the importance of robust IT security becomes undeniable. Organisations must prioritise detection, response, and mitigation to safeguard sensitive information and prevent further breaches.

Some of the methods used to orchestrate these breaches include:

  • Phishing Sites – Websites designed by criminals to mimic legitimate web addresses, aiming to illicitly obtain user credentials.
  • Malicious Name Servers – Servers exclusively providing Authoritative Domain Name Services for malicious domains.
  • Stolen Credentials or Content – Corporate proprietary data (e.g., access credentials, personal information, credit card details) unlawfully obtained and typically found on forums or fraudulent hosting accounts.
  • Malware Hosting Locations – Publicly accessible sites housing malicious software.

In January 2024 alone, the total number of incidents and breached records reported surpassed that of the entire year of 2023.”

How to Fight Back

Axians Domain Mitigation Services aim to safeguard businesses against the disruptions caused by internet fraud and cyber incidents. Offering incident validation, mitigation, monitoring, and reporting functionalities, Axians delivers an all-encompassing solution to shield your company from data breaches and malicious assaults.

Validation stands out as a pivotal aspect of our Domain Mitigation Services. Our team conducts a distinctive human-driven review of potential internet fraud, supplying a comprehensive summary of our examination. We promptly address potential incidents, ensuring initial response times of five minutes or less during standard business hours. Once our assessment begins, it’s possible to eliminate the domestic internet fraud within 24 hours.

Upon confirmation of internet fraud or a cyberincident, Axians commences the mitigation procedure. Our team engages in persistent removal endeavours for each case, escalating multiple times for instances unresolved within 24 hours. In addition, we leverage our well-established ties with ISPs and communication service providers, we will prioritise your case in abuse queues, guaranteeing a swift resolution. Furthermore, we provide registered trademark enforcement to safeguard your brand reputation.

Alongside our validation and mitigation services, we offer monitoring and reporting to stay vigilant against potential threats. Should we assess suspicious activity as non-threatening, we maintain ongoing monitoring of the reported web content for any alterations. Furthermore, we track mitigated threats to prevent potential reactivation, at no extra charge to you. Our mitigation services are active for up to 30 days.

Our team maintains strong connections within the ISP and communication service provider community, along with global regulatory agencies. Should we confirm criminal activity, our team stands prepared to assist clients in notifying local law enforcement and other governmental bodies in cases where providers neglect to address fraudulent activities.

With Axians Domain Mitigation Services, safeguard your business against internet fraud and cyber incidents while swiftly restoring normal operations. Our committed team ensures the protection necessary to maintain seamless business operations. Don’t allow internet fraud and cyber incidents to disrupt your company—opt for Axians Domain Mitigation Services today.

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