Cyber threats are becoming more sophisticated, and those that would do harm to your business networks and data are using smarter methods to identify any vulnerabilities in your IT security system.

Choosing an ‘all-in-one’ security solution may seem like an enticing, cost-effective option for your business, but can you guarantee that it will protect your entire network?

When protecting your business’ data, you should take a similar approach to how you would protect your own house, or what we call a layered security approach

You start with the door, it provides a visual indicator that protection is in place. However, if it were to be tested, it would be quickly penetrated. So, you buy a lock. The lock helps limit the number of threats that could get in to the house, but the lock can still be picked.

Next, you would install an alarm, to tell you if someone had breached your security, to provide you with an opportunity to respond to any threats immediately.

Could the backdoor be easily opened? Are the windows locked?

By putting in place these layered security measures and considerations you have put steps in place to minimise the risk of penetration.

 The Six Layers to Keeping Your Network Secure

When creating a layered security approach, for your business and network security, you should consider the following:

  • Human– teach people to spot scams and be careful when storing and sending important information.
  • Physical– ensure your physical assets are protected from theft or damage.
  • Endpoint– protect devices from running malicious programs that could jeopardise data security.
  • Network– secure connections between computers. Monitor entry and exit points, encrypt communications, and keep an eye out for anomalies.
  • Application– test applications to ensure they don’t provide avenues for attacks.
  • Data– ensure that only the right people all have access to the right data at all times.

 Layered Security with Fortinet Security Fabric

This layered security approach is key to Fortinet’s Security Fabric. The Fortinet Security Fabric delivers broad protection and visibility to every network segment, device, and appliance within your business.

This approach will enable you to monitor, detect and remediate the different attack vectors and entry points ensuring that you have all bases covered – rather than taking an all-in-one approach to your entire network security.

Fortinet Security Fabric Solutions

The Fortinet Security Fabric segments the entire network—from the Internet of Things (IoT) to the cloud:

  • Management Analytics– control access to and visibility of business critical data.
  • Multi-Cloud– secure your private cloud, public cloud, and software as a service (SaaS).
  • Web Apps– protection for all third-party web based applications.
  • Email– shield end users from unwanted spam and malicious phishing attacks.
  • Unified Access– secure network authentication; gatekeeping the network.
  • Endpoint Protection– secure every network segment, device, and appliance.
  • Open Ecosystem– integrates with Fortinet partner products to provide end-to-end security.

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