Why Outsourcing Managed Detection and Response Services Makes Business Sense

In an age where cyber threats are becoming increasingly sophisticated, the importance of robust cybersecurity has never been more palpable. Many businesses, especially those lacking in-house expertise, have begun to realise the benefits of outsourcing their Managed Detection and Response (MDR) services. But why exactly is outsourcing MDR so beneficial? Let’s delve into the ten key advantages of this burgeoning trend.

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1. Tapping into Expertise and Specialisation

It cannot be stressed enough the significance of expertise in the realm of cybersecurity. MDR providers are at the forefront of the battlefield, armed with professionals who’ve dedicated their careers to understanding and tackling cyber threats. Rather than recruiting and training an in-house team, companies can capitalise on this reservoir of experience and skill set, ensuring they’re defended by the very best.


2. The Assurance of 24/7 Monitoring

In today’s interconnected world, threats don’t clock off at the end of the working day. Cyber-attacks can strike at any hour. Having a dedicated team monitoring your digital assets around the clock can be a herculean task for many firms. Outsourcing MDR guarantees businesses this level of vigilance without exhausting their internal resources. CTOs, CIOs and CISOs can sleep easy knowing that they don’t need to keep their eyes open 24/7, because we are doing that for you.


3. Achieving Cost-Efficiency

Building an in-house cybersecurity team isn’t just about hiring the right people; it’s also about continuous training, procuring the right equipment, and maintaining these assets. Such undertakings can be extremely expensive. Outsourcing often presents a more economical alternative, ensuring top-notch services without the weighty overheads.


4. Seamless Scalability

A business’s trajectory isn’t always linear. As companies evolve and grow, so too do their cybersecurity needs. Outsourced MDR services can gracefully adapt to these shifting requirements, allowing businesses to scale up (or down) without the troublesome fuss of recruitment or redundancy.


5. Access to Cutting-Edge Technology

The rapid advancements in the cybersecurity world mean that today’s state-of-the-art tools can become obsolete in a matter of years, if not months (sometimes days, if you are unlucky!). MDR providers, with their finger always on the pulse, invest in the best of breed latest technologies. By outsourcing, businesses ensure they’re always a step ahead, leveraging the latest tools without constant reinvestment.

According to the UK Government’s Cyber Security Breaches Survey, there were around 2.39 million instances of cyber crime and about 49,000 instances of fraud in the last 12 months.

Axians UK MDR e-Guide


6. Swift and Decisive Responses

When it comes to cyber breaches, time is of the essence. The quicker a threat is detected and neutralised, the lesser the damage. MDR providers, with their round-the-clock monitoring and specialised teams, often outpace in-house departments, ensuring threats are stopped swiftly.


7. Staying Compliant with Ever-Shifting Regulations

Different sectors, especially in the UK, are governed by stringent cybersecurity regulations (such as NIS2 in the Operational Technology world). It can be difficult for businesses to ensure they remain compliant. Outsourced MDR providers can shoulder this burden, ensuring companies avoid potential fines and the legal consequences of non-compliance.


8. Redundancy and Resilience

In the tumultuous realm of cybersecurity, redundancy is not just about having backup systems; it’s about having backup strategies, teams, and solutions. Outsourced MDR providers typically have redundant operations in place, ensuring that even if one system or approach fails, another is ready to take its place. This multifaceted protection means that businesses can enjoy greater resilience against cyber threats. Instead of relying solely on a singular in-house strategy that could be compromised or become outdated, outsourcing offers a multi-layered shield, reinforcing a company’s digital defences and providing peace of mind in an age of digital unpredictability.


9. Keeping the Eye on the Prize

Every business has its core competencies—areas where they truly shine. By outsourcing the intricate and ever-changing world of MDR to specialists, businesses can refocus their energies on what they do best, ensuring optimised productivity and growth. Your business can do what it does best.


10. Continuous Skill Development

The world of cybersecurity is a rapidly changing landscape. MDR providers are compelled to constantly update their skill sets to remain effective. Outsourcing guarantees businesses a team that’s always in the vanguard, trained in the latest methodologies and techniques.


How Axians can help

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