When working from home business users got accustomed to secure, dependable connections, and are now expecting the same at any work location around the world. They just open their laptop, access their applications and be online in a matter of seconds. Because SD-Branch can just make it all work, they can rapidly get on with their job.

Massive connectivity upgrades demanded

While WiFi was originally for back-up and guest use, it’s greater convenience and performance, now comparable to hard-wired connections, have now made it the preferred choice of connectivity in the working environment. However, with high bandwidth & low latency demands from applications like video conferencing, the volume & speed of the data moving around networks now is putting significant strain on access points and back-end infrastructure like switching. Strain even on those that were installed just 5 years ago. Then you also need to factor built in obsolescence, where for example wireless devices are now skipping 2.4GHz & automatically searching for 5GHz or even 6GHz. And in a drive to simplify the management and operations of networking capabilities, cloud adoption has changed traffic profiles markedly too.

So, to meet work-from-anywhere user expectations, massive connectivity upgrades are needed, and SD-Branch architecture can help.

Cybersecurity a greater challenge at distributed sites

As more and more devices are connected to the network such as IoT, the attack surface has significantly increased, making distributed site networks comparatively more vulnerable to cyber-attacks. This concern is borne out from a recent poll of over 180 UK organisations, each with 5,000 plus employees, where most said their current number one challenge with their IT networks over multiple sites is security. Compounding this further, the frequency and complexity of cyber-attacks are on the increase. Without sufficient on-site cybersecurity resources or efficient centrally managed security, maintaining a robust security posture across a multi-site network, across multiple devices can become even more of a challenge for already stretched IT/cybersecurity teams.


Technologies that secure and optimise networks already exist

Robust technologies that enhance and safeguard distributed network infrastructure are already being leveraged by multi-site organisations across the globe. SD-Branch as an architectural model brings many of these together under a single management point.

SD-WAN technology brought abstraction and intelligence to routing traffic, i.e. centrally controlled intelligent management & control of the Wide Area Network and it’s data flow. SD-Branch extends Software-Defined intelligence into the local network infrastructure of the distributed sites. Increasingly these solutions are also being augmented with next generation technologies such as Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI). These next-gen technologies enable the simplification of the operations and management tasks, where resource-taxing manual IT tasks are replaced with proactive AI-driven automation and self-healing techniques.

Combining SD-Branch with SD-WAN, the application of software-defined smart-decision management and orchestration at head office harmonises operations and computing networks right across organisations’ estates. This improves the awareness, visibility, optimisation and control of the estate, as well as introducing a consistent multi-site configuration, supporting the operational resilience and security of both sides of the WAN.


Having an experienced integration partner is more valuable than ever

While this transformative technology exists, there are no standards for interoperability yet. So having a proven & reliable integration partner who understands these complex individual components like SD-Branch is even more valuable than ever. We know that customers value long-term partnerships – partners who understand them well and have a holistic view right across their digital estate. Full-service expertise across a wide range of enterprise connectivity requirements covering networking, cloud, cybersecurity data systems and centres, and telecom infrastructures.

Delivering transformative projects for decades, we have extensive experience in end-to-end business critical and complex connectivity and cybersecurity requirements. We also provide 24x7x365 customer support, and global logistics where we can rapidly deploy technology to over 70 countries. So, wherever you are on your organisation’s transformation journey, we can help you make the most of the technology available.


Putting you and your users at the centre of everything we do – now and in the future

At Axians UK we’re committed to customer excellence, building lasting partnerships, focusing on business outcomes, recommending the most suitable solutions, and then the best fit technology partners based on the individual use case. We’re trusted by customers and technology partners alike as a safe pair of hands. Trusted to minimise risks and adapt services as requirements change. By putting you at the centre of everything we do ensures you maximise the return on your investment, underpin your digital strategies and provide a work-from-anywhere experience that your staff have come to expect. Now and in the future.

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