With the acceleration of AI technology, Juniper Networks have this week announced the acquisition of Mist, to bring artificial intelligence to IT and deliver a software defined enterprise promise.

Mist has created a next-generation wireless networking solution that leverages modern cloud and AI technologies automation, insight, scale and agility. Adding Mist to their portfolio, Juniper are set to grow in the wireless network market with a innovative WLAN solution.

Mist Systems is a great fit for Juniper and for our enterprise customers. Juniper and Mist share a common strategic goal. We believe in the Software-Defined Enterprise and Mist’s focus on bringing AI to IT is consistent with our core belief that we need to simplify operations and improve customer experience while lowering costs. With Mist, we are adding a market leading solution to complement our portfolio, drive the cloud transition within the enterprise and accelerate our enterprise growth.

Rami Rahim

CEO of Juniper Networks

With Mist, Juniper are gaining additional strength in their enterprise offering. Customers can get the full stack from Juniper with a complete end-to-end software defined enterprise. It brings immediate benefits for AI specifically for IT. As they integrate the Mist AI engine, customers will see these benefits flow through the entire software defined portfolio.

Not only that but Mist will support a delivery of cloud-first, microservices architecture. Providing the building blocks to accelerate customers adoption of AI-driven operations software.

Juniper and Mist have provided a website to provide answers to frequently asked questions here.

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