In the ever-evolving landscape of digital innovation, where agility and security are paramount, organisations across the private and public sectors must navigate a complex web of challenges. With the surge in cloud applications and the normalisation of remote working, the need for a seamless, secure, and efficient network architecture has never been more pressing. From safeguarding secure collaboration across diverse locations to capitalising on new opportunities, the role of technology has become central to transforming productivity. One such transformative approach gaining momentum is the Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) architecture, converging two core elements of intelligent edge networks and network security into one. 

SASE integrates full cloud-based security with the intelligent edge that SD-WAN provides, securing and optimising network connections from any user to any resource, regardless of location.

Chris Gilmour

CTO, Axians UK

In this blog, we delve into the essence of SASE architecture, its origins, and why partnering with a seasoned technology services provider is crucial for successful integration. 

The emergence of SASE architecture 

The dawn of cloud-based applications and the rise of remote work have stretched traditional network functionalities and cybersecurity frameworks to their limits. Addressing this predicament demanded a fresh perspective—a scalable, adaptable cloud-based approach. The SASE architecture paradigm effectively merges comprehensive cloud-based security with the intelligence of SD-WAN, tackling the challenge of securing every network point and connection, irrespective of user location. 

A glimpse into SASE 

SASE architecture optimises network performance by enabling direct access to cloud applications, eliminating the detour or ‘tromboning’ through on-premises data centres. Equally importantly SASE establishes a cohesive security stack by consolidating a myriad of security functions onto a unified platform—including Secure Web Gateways, Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA), firewall as a service, data loss prevention, secure DNS, and more. This holistic approach safeguards against a spectrum of threats, elevating an organisation’s overall security posture. 

SASE is about the realisation that network transformation invariably leads to security transformation, and visa-versa, but also the fact that users are not now always in offices. SASE is making steps towards that ultimate panacea that CISOs all over the world desire, which is to have security built into the network as part of the overall solution and not as a bolt on.

Chris Gilmour

CTO, Axians UK

Seamless collaboration through streamlined architecture 

Traditionally, network management and security teams operated independently, but escalating network complexities and the surge in cyber threats necessitate a new collaborative approach. SASE architecture offers a centralised management console—a single interface for monitoring and controlling network and security policies. This strategic shift eradicates silos, minimises complexity, simplifies management, and ensures consistent policies throughout the organisation. SASE’s flexibility also allows dynamic scaling of security services based on demand for optimal performance and protection. 

Crucial for successful integration – there is no substitute for expertise 

SASE architecture will become the de facto corporate connectivity and cybersecurity model, fundamentally reshaping networking strategies. Consequently, the selection of a technology services provider with extensive expertise right across networking, cloud and cybersecurity domains becomes a pivotal decision. This partner should be trusted by leading networking and cybersecurity vendors alike, while maintaining vendor-neutrality and prioritising customer-centricity. Their capacity to impartially assess the merits of a single-vendor approach versus a multi-vendor synergy is essential. What’s more, your ideal partner should have a proven track record in deploying secure, enterprise-scale network projects too, and ideally across several industries. This will ensure your business-critical SASE architecture is tailored to fit your organisation’s specific needs. 

Global expertise and local knowledge 

In a world where technology is the bridge to better business, we help organisations across the private and public sectors navigate the complexities of today’s digital landscape with confidence. We blend technology with business outcomes, revolutionising projects for ambitious organisations. 

With Axians SASE service, securing and optimising network connections becomes reality—ushering in an era of secure hybrid users, transformed productivity, and fortified cybersecurity. 

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