Following the acquisition by VINCI Energies UK & RoI in 2019, the new name symbolises Nouveau’s growth ambitions and full integration into the wider network of ICT business units under the Axians brand.


Effective 18th July, Nouveau will be known as Axians Cloud & Cybersecurity. The business was founded in 1992 and has established itself since then as a leader in managed cloud, infrastructure, compliance, network, and security solutions to meet customers’ operational, growth, and digital transformation needs.

The new name, Axians Cloud & Cybersecurity, symbolises its full integration into and close collaboration with the wider Axians network, as well as a new chapter in its growth story as it celebrates its 30 years in business.

“The rebrand marks another milestone for our team and the Axians Cloud & Cybersecurity name embodies what we are actively becoming and the challenges we help our customers to overcome. We remain as committed to them and their needs as ever and are the same people but with the power of a broader network of businesses. This presents an exciting opportunity for our customers to take advantage of a wider pool of Axians and VINCI Energies expertise,” said Mark Lloyd, Business Unit General Manager of Axians Cloud & Cybersecurity.


Expanded expertise

By joining the Axians UK network, Axians Cloud & Cybersecurity benefits from the knowledge and experience of thousands of other ICT specialists both in the UK and internationally.

Axians UK’s specialised consulting, design, integration, and service teams develop bespoke digital transformation solutions to support infrastructure and digital solutions development for customers, including private-sector companies, public sector entities, operators, and service providers.

To this end, Axians UK provides a comprehensive range of ICT solutions and services that contribute to successful business outcomes for its customers.

Internationally, Axians employs over 12,000 people in 27 countries.

“We are honoured to officially welcome Axians Cloud & Cybersecurity to Axians UK. The experienced management team has a long track record of success and shared cultural values that will enhance our combined network. We all have a mutual opportunity to take advantage of each other’s skillsets as we align on strategy, and continue to invest in innovation, such as cybersecurity solutions to secure operational technologies. We have an exciting future ahead of us,” said Russell Crampin, Managing Director of Axians UK.

Please visit the Axians UK website for more information.