Steps to a more secure network

Delivering insight to ensure your network and access is security compliant

UK companies are expected to invest heavily in upgrading their existing systems as they look to provide better protection against cyber-attacks, data losses and security incidents.

The impact of cyber-crime and the integrity of our systems to protect data is a huge concern across industries and markets. The importance of secure data combined with policies such as GDPR means that there is a clear obligation for organisations to take the appropriate technical measures to keep their customers safe and to avoid losing reputation and market share.

Network security measures need continued review and companies must put strategic procedures in place to protect themselves and their customers from cyber-attacks. The absolute need for a secure network is essential, but so too is the ability to capture, understand and review alerts and logs to establish incidents and identify improvements on a continuing basis.

The Axians Network Security and Risk Assessment can help towards this goal, taking a careful look at the strengths and weaknesses in the technical security architecture, supporting the people, processes and technology to aid the continued security planning process


Network Security Management is a serious investment. It is an advanced process which maps out the challenges and risks run by an organisation. Network Managers cite security as a high priority in the network and digital strategy and is a continued process throughout the lifecycle. Only by analysing and defining the landscape as first steps can a decision be reached on the security measures to put in place.

Organisations need to set in place sustainable frameworks for data governance and security, crisis management procedures and IT architecture to achieve a strong security ecosystem. The awareness that Axians Security and Risk Assessment will deliver can ensure you have the best in making your network compliant.


Axians offer a variety of network security services, starting with a network security and risk assessment, that can cover many network security areas. Our network assessment specialises in IT asset protection/risk mitigation, but can extend to cover wider services such as Pen tests and Security Governance.

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Axians have engineers skilled in multiple vendor technologies and are industry experts in understanding and deploying carrier class service provider and large enterprise networks. Security is key to all network designs and Axians can provide services from assessments to full managed security services.