In today’s landscape, it is critical to adapt and navigate the constant advancements in technology effectively. Although at times it can be intimidating, the rapid evolution of tech offers both opportunities and challenges for CISOs when it comes to securing an organisation’s network.


The evolution of tech, particularly AI, often comes with growth and advancements in cyberthreats and cyberattacks. CISOs are forced to constantly and proactively research and learn about new threats and solutions. Using the latest tools and techniques alongside the right networking solution can help CISOs keep their organisation safe and secure.


Intelligent malware is here

Cyber criminals are constantly leveraging the latest technology and tools to find new ways to break into systems, steal data and demand money. The rise of AI means they can create intelligent platforms that automate cyberattacks. These platforms are intelligent enough to start learning what worked and what didn’t, looking at behavioural patterns of workers in the office or outside, to create better, more targeted phishing attacks and malware. It’s almost a self-developing attack matrix humans cannot fight without also leveraging AI.


Where there is fear, there is also FOMO

If bad actors are using AI, so too are security solutions with every major vendor announcing “new AI-enabled solutions”. But AI requires data to learn – are you happy for your organisation’s data and potentially its IP to be used to train AI? Most would not be. Pearson recently initiated legal proceedings against a leading Generative AI solution, for example, claiming it had stolen IP to train the language model.


Every network security solution will say they have AI, all will claim to be the best. But how can CISOs separate the wheat from the chaff to identify the cyber security products that will meet their needs and integrate with their systems? Don’t rush decisions surrounding tech or let hype around AI create unwanted pressure. Listen to those who know how various technologies work – or don’t work.


Creating a ‘Silent Network’ 

As a technology services partner, at Axians we offer flexible solutions that suit our client’s needs and not just those that follow the hype. We want to future-proof network security for CISOs. Delivering networks that just work, cybersecurity that is just secure, apps that just happen. At Axian’s we call this approach ‘The Silent Network’, a term coined by our customers.

If a technology solution impacts a user’s experience, by perhaps slowing down the network, or interfering in a user’s daily tasks, it is not right for you. Ignore FOMO and prioritise the security and resilience of your networks, adapting and embracing the changes that technology brings as it evolves daily.

Axians has patiently built up the technical skills, vendor relationships and project management expertise to de-risk your digital projects. Speak to one of our experts today to find out how we can help transform your business