Datanet had been working with Axians for over three years providing access to server racks at their data centre, but with the increasing number of cyber threats, Datanet has turned to Axians as a trusted network advisor to help monitor, manage and mitigate any risks.

Axians created a bespoke managed services solution for Datanet, which was designed for their requirements, ensuring that any potential issues the network faced are identified and acted on without disruption. Axians’ technical expertise in network security and support allow Datanet to respond proactively, rather than reactively, to any network requirements and offer a secure and high-performing service to their customers.


  • A trusted partnership and reliable network management
  • Security Incidents identified and acted on without disruption
  • Another level of security for customer peace of mind
  • Available expertise from Axians technical team, on and off-site


Greater Network Productivity

  • Quick responses to proactively manage network requirements
  • 24×7 remote technical support and troubleshooting
  • Monitoring of the core network and incident notification

Security Expertise and Support

  • Threats are identified and acted on before disruption to service
  • Security expertise to guide Datanet across threats on the network

Enhanced Customer Capability

  • Offering a secure and high performing service to Dataset’s customers
  • Additional layers of security and technical expertise
  • Capacity planning for services on the network
  • Access to Network Consultants and qualified engineers


  • Monitoring of the core network
  • Planned additions, removes and changes to customer profiles on the network
  • 24×7 Remote technical support and troubleshooting
  • Incident ownership until the problem is fixed

Axians doesn’t just offer us peace of mind when it comes to cyber threats; the relationship provides for an additional layer of technical and security services we can offer our customers.

Axians has the expertise to guide us through threats to our network and it’s yet another level of security that we can then offer to our customers.

Conleth McCallan

Managing Director, Datanet