Business Moves Group (BMG) is an office and commercial relocation change management company, operating primarily out of the UK and offering high quality solutions to its clients’ individual needs and requirements.

BMG serves clients from offices in Reading, Leeds, Birmingham, Manchester, Glasgow, Edinburgh and London. Offering a ‘Minimum Disruption’ service to the client and ensuring zero business downtime.

BMG approached Nouveau Solutions as they faced challenges with the day to day reliability of their IT Infrastructure and the support that was offered by their existing IT partner.

BMG runs a multi-site organisation based all over the country, with the requirement of running independent applications (specific to their industry) coupled with the usual applications that are required in a normal, day to day business.


The company required a complete overhaul of their IT infrastructure and were looking to select a new partner to deliver all of their security and managed services requirements. It was also essential to have a smooth transition from their existing provider through to Nouveau Solutions in order that their customers were unaffected by the changes and enhancements that needed to be implemented.

What we implemented

We designed a new, private cloud infrastructure which incorporated a centralised server in a data centre with secure access from all sites.

A specific part of the new requirement was to have additional resilience built in using Microsoft Clustering Technologies, with the benefit of failover SANs, Network Switching and internet connectivity.

Nouveau implemented new internet connections and dedicated firewalls across the remote sites supported by secure VPNs accessing the data centre. The system was set up to use a farm of RDP servers on the front end in the data centre, providing access to standard office applications for all users.

Once these were installed, a full test plan was carried out on all data and applications before finally being migrated across to the new infrastructure across a weekend. Nouveau Solutions then took over the full control of the systems and support of the helpdesk facilities.

The changeover itself was seamless and many users did not notice any changes. Users now have a service which has been brought up to date to handle the ever evolving challenges related to Information Technology.