Since becoming multi-site SureVoIP have seen high growth rates and have begun the process to deliver plans for expansion and be connected to the SS7 network.

At the same time SureVoIP wanted to enhance its network and provide additional services to their customers.

Axians provided strong technical capabilities for lab testing, training, support with a solution that would have high network resiliency and a seamless connection between the two locations.


  • Enhancing profitability by optimising and automating the network
  • No single point of failure
  • Increased operational efficiency, delivering better customer service
  • Enhanced capability to rapidly expand the range of SureVoIP Services
  • Improved local accessibility and opportunity to expand into new markets across the UK


Axians has supported SureVoIP across its Network Lifecycle with a range of services and strong technical capabilities. Their support has been there when needed, which has been rare due to the robustness of the design.

Improved Network Efficiency

  • Physical hardware located where needed and controlled centrally to improve operations
  • Multi-homing connections delivering greater reliability

Greater Productivity

  • Minimising risk and quicker implementation
  • Improved reliability

Business Growth

  • Reduced Capital Expenditure (CapEX) through a consistent network approach
  • Lower Operational Expenditure (OpEX) through simplifying operations


  • An EVPN Layer 2 solution to expand the SureVoIP customer service offering and support the SS7 rollout
  • Designing and delivering clear configuration templates
  • Tested and optimised in the Axians Lab Facility
  • Replication of SureVoIP’s network for control and predictability
  • Troubleshooting during implementation
  • Training and support throughout the project

Axians has provided value to us and our customers, helping focus the business to prepare and grow through the training and support of our new network technology.

Gavin Henry

Managing Director, SureVoIP