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Every UK based and international student wants to gain the best degree they can and have a great time in the process. Online access is now a vital, and expected, part of every university’s brand offering and can influence its reputation, along with traditional characteristics such as location, facilities and results. Managing and building the brand is therefore a critical part of future success.

In a digital world, it takes just a few moments to lose years of hard work building a strong, positive brand reputation. A core aspect of looking after the brand is protecting data – the university’s corporate information and research and student’s personal details and work. This is a challenge in the face of increasing data breaches due to hacking, DDoS attacks or malware.

Our approach is to identify the most cost-effective ways to ensure our customers have the highest levels of security, and meet legal and compliance regulations. We use a combination of network equipment and software to secure and protect data, together with process and design simplification to reduce potential errors. The aim is to help each customer operate world-class connectivity that delivers a great end-user experience.

We help organisations develop secure, carrier-grade network connectivity that successfully delivers a better end-user experience.

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Axians use their skills, knowledge and experience to enhance the ambitions of a Service Providers Network with the highest level of experienced Prince 2 Qualified Project Managers, Technical Consultants and Pre-Sales Analysts to help companies across multiple platforms, locations and protocols.

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